Protein for Fat Loss

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Replace Meals!!!!
The idea of meal replacements is simple: Drink a protein powder shake in place of one or more of your regular meals every day. In doing so, you can reduce the number of total calories you consume and will be able to lose weight over time. A lot of people who are on strict diets will find themselves hungry at bedtime. This can be quite a torture. A protein shake can be taken at bedtime to suppress the huger pangs. The amino acids in the protein shake may even help you get better sleep and help the release of fat burning growth hormones.
Protein shakes can be useful to those who do their exercises in the morning. This applies especially to weight training. Weight training is one of the most effective exercises for men and women if they are serious about sustainable weight loss. Having a protein shake before you start weight training can help avoid muscle catabolism which can happen when you exercise the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. This is where your body breaks down muscles instead of fat to feed your energy requirements during the exercise.

Another way to lose weight with protein powder is to eat a CLEAN diet but add protein shakes as snacks, which can help keep you full in between meals and curb your net calorie consumption when you do eat. Even if you don’t slim down any faster than you would by cutting calories alone, using protein shakes as supplements could help you retain more lean muscle mass and ditch more body fat when you do lose weight. 

Quality shake!!! 
In most cases, you pay for what you get with protein, if you want FAB results, don't be cheap.  

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