Cellulite - 10 must know tips to blast it today

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1 – Exercise and Sweat - Walk, bike, swim and lift some weights. Building up lean muscle will reduce the appearance of cellulite and overall make your whole body look more toned.

2 – Drink Hot Water with Lemon – A glass once a day in the morning or evening.

3 – Eat a Clean Diet, get rid off the Processed Foods especially Sugar - Fresh fruits and vegetables have an alkaline affect on the body and need to be eaten every day. The alkalinity of these life force rich foods magnetizes the acidic toxic matter in your cells, drawing out the accumulation in your tissues and organs.

Then keep your body alkaline. Use our Alkaline Boosters if you go overboard at any time.

4 – Water - Aim to drink at least 8 big glass of water a day to keep the toxins flushing through the body and to prevent dehydration.

5 – Body Brushing – It helps break down fatty deposits and improves the appearance of cellulite. Brush towards the heart focusing on problem areas, like legs, buttocks, stomach and arms. This stimulates the lymphatic system and helps toxins to be circulated into the elimination channels for release.

6 – Salt - Refined salt is extremely acidic and leaches minerals from the body. It’s also highly dehydrating (hello cellulite!) your body will need to use its vital life force to try to assimilate this dead salt. Instead of adding to your life force it adds to the accumulation of toxicity in your body.

The better option is Crystal and Sea Salt, which are packed full of beneficial minerals. Get into your cupboards and throw away all the refined stuff, now.

7 – Regular Massage – Blood and lymph flow will increase through massage. It helps decrease cellulite as it increases flow to the dermis. Toxins build up within the dermis and occurs as blood and lymph flow is restricted due to an increase in the numbers and size of fat cells in the hypodermis. This causes fat to push upwards through connective tissues, causing the dimpling effect on skin we know as cellulite.

8 – Throw Away Cheap Toxic Cellulite Creams - They don’t work and are a waste of money. If you need a short-term solution try creams that contain caffeine, which will give a temporary tightening effect and helps bumps look smoother. Pick one with a Vitamin A derivative, which over time can thicken the outer layer of the skin and make lumps less visible.

Gingko and Vitamin C also improve circulation which minimizes bumps and tighten the skin.

9 – Endermologie – It’s a longer lasting solution, available at many spas. It involves kneading the skin with a rolling suction device to boost circulation and stimulate collagen production.

10 – Galvanic Device - We also have a popular cost effective solution, which involves using a handheld galvanic device from home 2 days a week, and delivers continuous results for as long as you use it. If you don’t see results after 90 days you get your money back.

Its cost effective, doesn't take too much time and you can do it in the privacy of your own home. 


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