Classes are suitable for all fitness levels, we run on a term basis and often do something fun, social and different over the 2 week holiday period. Classes are limited to set numbers to ensure YOU get the attention you deserve, we do our best to ensure your technique is not left to form into bad habits or lead to an injury, and you cannot disappear during the term without anyone noticing! 

Classes provide options for all levels of fitness, they will challenge you, motivate you, you will laugh and sometimes, its even ok to turn up and cry. Your body will become fitter, STRONGER, leaner and you may even be able to do things eventually you have never done before. We are not a gym, we are a friendly fitness group / become family. Friendships are made and help is given, come along and experience Bellabody Fitness for yourself.

You will also have access to the 30 day challenges with new programmes every month just for an additional $10. 

All classes run for 50 minutes 



Aqua Fitness: 1.30pm - $110 for term 

Bootcamp: 7.00pm - $110 for term 


Fat Burning HIIT Pilates: 10.30am (kids play area open) - $110 for term 


Boxing Bootcamp: 3.00pm  (kids welcome) - $99 for term 

Please pay to Bellabody LTD - 38-9016-0871725-00 to secure your spot

(payment plans available if you need please enquirer) 

Doing 2 classes a week? Take $10 discount.

Doing 3 classes a week? Take a $15 discount.

See below for more info on term start dates and finishes 

(Monday / Wednesday Co-orperate Bootcamp bookings available, please book 8 weeks in advance) 



This class is designed to keep you fit firm and fabulous! It is suitable for all levels. We mix up every session with a wide variety of exercises ranging from boot camp to circuit style training, conditioning and toning, crossfit, HITT interval training, boxing, and more.

Winter - Elim Church - 803 Main North Road  

Summer - Northwood Park 

Tuesdays 7.00 pm 

Term 3 - 25th July - 19th September 

$110 for term 



This training session is open to all fitness levels and is sure to get you fit and leaner. We DO have fun yes, yet we DO also work HARD! 

Boxing requires strength, mental and physical alertness and coordination so there is something new and exciting to learn, no matter how experienced or novice you are. 

Kids are welcome to come with you and sit / play to the side of class. 

Winter - Woodend Community Centre 

6A School Road (off Main North Road) 

Summer - Woodend Beach or Community centre weather depending 



Term 3 - 29th July - 23rd Sept 

(Please note there will be no class on Sept 2nd) 

$99 for term 



A combination of Pilates ball, reformer, mat, bands, and floor work combined with fat burning intervals. 15 minutes of Yoga stretch to finish.

Thursdays 9.30am 

Bellabody - 5 Pascoe Drive, Woodend 

Term 3 - 27th July - 28th Sept 

(please note no class 31st August) 

$110 for term 

No casual class available 


                                                            AQUA FITNESS                                                      

     Tuesdays 1.30pm 

     Styx Mill Country Club 

        Term 3 - 25th July - 26th Sept

$110 for term 



If you want to lose weight, get fit and tone up with baby weight loss expert, personal trainer, mother of 2 and owner of Bellabody Health Beauty and Fitness Kelly Gilbertson then Strollercise / Mums and Bubs is for you. You will lose weight, get fit, tone up, meet new mums and all while holding and playing with your own baby or toddler! 

What should you bring? Well, besides your munchkin. Mat or towel to lie on, water bottle, pram or front back pack, nappy bag, toys, snacks (for the wee one if needed).

During the class you can keep your baby in the pram, or if they're old enough, there is a playground right there if we are outdoors, or if indoors there are toys and space to play. You can also use your wee one as an extra weight to carry round. 

Kelly will also show you some exercise which you can do all whilst holding, playing and cuddling with your bubba! 

Location: Woodend

$60 - 6 week block (private group bookings available - Minimum 5 people)

Don't let your own health fall to the wayside because of the busy schedule your new baby demands. You can do it all! You're a Mum and they're the best! 

(Summer months only) 

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