PEOW! Kids training now in Woodend for children ages 5-14 with Personal Trainer Kelly Payne.

Kelly had 6 years experience coaching children, both at Olympia Gym Sports and Christchurch School of Gymnastics before venturing out on her own as a Personal Trainer and spreading her wings further now helping kids with off season fitness training, strength, flexibility, discipline, and agility for a variety of sports ranging from Rowing to Cricket. Kelly also runs kids Yoga programmes and travels to school holiday programmes in North Canterbury to teach children Yoga.  Kelly is certified through Coaching New Zealand and has a Level 5 Certificate in Fitness Industry Training. 

If you would like to enquirer about sports specific training or school Yoga programmes for your wee ones please get in touch, just click on the contact tab above. 

Aerial Yoga for kids

Is your child a climber, a little monkey, or a ball of energy? Allow them to put their creative energy to good use at an aerial yoga for kid’s session at Bellabody. Aerial yoga features the use of silks suspended from the ceiling to give your child the feeling of safe, weightless flight. Participation in aerial yoga has many benefits for children of all ages.

ANXIETY in children is on the rise, some are natural worriers, some just need to be calmed down at times. Kids will learn body awareness, coordination, balance, motor skills, strength, flexibility, and mindful breathing. 

In Aerial Yoga, you are practicing with a synthetic “silk” hammock rigged to two points in the ceiling.  The hammock is super-strong, lightly stretchy, doesn't touch the ground, and, of course, it moves.  So practicing with it generates an entirely different experience of the various poses and movement activities.  It's a fun, exhilarating challenge that benefits your mind and body in myriad ways

Aerial yoga offers an opportunity for your child to develop a strong sense of balance through what is known as vestibular input, which is a fancy way of saying that kids need to experience movement in different directions and orientations to develop proper balance. Additionally, through proprioceptive input (sensation of movement, compression, and traction in a child’s joints), your child can develop better body and spatial awareness. This means less broken lamps, bumps, and bruises from wild, clumsy collisions!

Kids will develop motor skills related to a strong hand grasp, such as handwriting and using eating utensils! Many of the poses taught in aerial yoga incorporate core strengthening elements, which can help improve posture and prevent future injury. Other poses incorporate an inversion element, allowing your child to be upside down while feeling fully supported. Inversions help flush fresh blood and healthy hormones through your child’s brain, which improves self-regulation and aids in proper development. These elements, paired with a focus on slower, smooth meditative breathing, can even help children with anxiety or attention disorders to find a new-found sense of calmness.

Plus…It’s Fun!  We will introduce intriguing new forms of movement that not only attract and keep your child’s focus and attention, but also allows your children to express their unique sense of creativity in a healthy, positive setting. 

30 minute session - $15 per child (minimum 2 children per session) 

If you would like to book a session please go to the contact tab above and get in touch.

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